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Creating Musicians

We believe anyone can create music, so we designed Gigajam to give everyone an opportunity to be able to play. We share your passion for music and want to help you ignite the power of music in your students' lives.

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Online Music School

With online interactive lessons, portfolios and music grades, Gigajam brings your passion for musical creativity to more students, at school and at home.

Online Lessons

Cloud hosted lessons are delivered in the browser. Our music school is always open and is available anytime, anywhere at school and at home.

Blended Learning

Students mix their time developing skills with our software, learning from the lessons and videos, and playing together in bands.

Record & Analyse

Exercises are recorded and stored online through MIDI or Webcams. MIDI exercises are automatically analysed and marked.

Personalised Learning

Students work at their own pace and the progress they make is recorded for them so they always know where they are in the course, and what they need to do to improve.

Pupil Portfolios

Our interactive software provides immediate feedback which is used to help students make judgements on how they are progressing, store their work for tracking progress over time, and provide summaries of overall development.

Music Grades

Music grades through Gigajam are awarded by the University of West London/London College of Music and are on the Ofqual register - your school can include the QCF credits in performance tables.

Gigajam in Action

How it Works

About Us

Brian Greene

Founding Director

As well as being the driving force behind Gigajam, Brian is a pro drummer who still gigs for fun. He's energised by music, a vibrant family life, and brisk walks with his dog, Ted.

Iain M Norman

Programmer / Designer

Iain handles code, websites, and design. He's been a pro web developer for 20 years. We let him outside now and then, to ride a bike ridiculous distances and play with his kids.

Affordable Pricing

SCHOOLS £1 / pupil*
  • Annual Licence
  • *Mimimum order £150
  • Access from school and home
  • Email & telephone support
  • Training also available
MUSIC HUBS 1.5% alloc*
  • Covers all schools in your hub
  • *1.5% of annual allocation
  • Access from school and home
  • Email & telephone support
  • Training also available
  • UWL London College of Music
  • Debut Grade 5
  • £10 - £15
  • OFQUAL / QCF credits
  • Contributes to school performance
  • MIDI Guitar/Bass bundle - £259
  • MIDI Keyboard bundle - £169
  • Midi Drums bundle - £239
  • Includes MIDI interface
  • Headphones & power-supply


If you're interested in Gigajam and want to know more then please contact us through any of the channels below.

Please feel free to contact us about anything. We're very friendly and happy to answer any questions, large or small.


  • Gigajam, 18 Spring Gardens, High Wycome, HP13 9AG, UK.
  • info@gigajam.com
  • +44 (0) 1494 534 880
  • +44 (0) 7976 208 859 (mobile)
  • +44 (0) 7092 184 304 (fax)